Migrating from Tableau to Power BI

In the ever changing world of business intelligence and analytics, it is very common that you might have to shift from one BI tool to another.

Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence tools with amazing visualization.

Power BI is also a leading business intelligence tool with huge options for data preparation, modeling, and complex solutions.

You might come across a situation where you might have to migrate to Power BI from Tableau.

From my experience, I am listing down things you need to unlearn from Tableau and learn/ relearn in PowerBI during this migration process


  1. Table Calculations
    2. Level of Details
    3. one Sheet/page, One visual
    4. Meaning of Dashboard
    5. Custom Tooltips/ ToolTip Page
    6. Dual Axis with Any Visual
    7. Dynamic Axis using column
    8. Text Parameter
    9. Matrix of visuals (Add additional row and column and make Matrix of the visual)
    10. Filter Context
    11. Slicer Interaction in dashboard


  1. Data Model with power query
    2. Need of Star Schema
    3. Date Table
    4. How to use in-memory tables — can be used of LOD
    5. Row Context, how you match current value with complete data to the dataset for that column — Can be used LOD, subtotal, grand total
    6. Small Multiples
    7. Bookmarks, Dynamic M Parameter — For Dynamic axis
    8. Use of Independent Table
    9. How Power bi filter works
    10. Small Multiples
    11. Tooltip Page
    12. Sync Slicer in Report
    13. Report is as good as dashboard
    14. Power BI Service dashboard

To help you further in detail, I have created a playlist — “TABLEAU vs POWERBI” of 20 videos covering a few topics and comparisons between the two. Check out the videos! I will be awaiting your responses.

1. Getting Started & Data Loading

2. Calculated Field/ Calculated Column

3. Measure

4. Bar/Clustered Bar

5. Table Visual

6. Matrix

7. Pie Visual

8. Stacked Visual

9. TreeMap Visual

10. Quick Calculations/Measures

11. LOD- FIXED (Level of Details)

12. LOD Include (Level Of Details)

13. LOD exclude (Level of Details)

14. Parameter/What if Parameter

15. MAP Visual

16. Scatter Visual

17. Time Intelligence

18. Animations

19. Measure Slicer

20. Axis Slicer

So what is your list of unlearning and relearning topics, when you migrate from Tableau to Power BI? Please do share your experience and struggles in the comments section.

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